Dance Like No One Is Watching :: Ravishing Women Mrs India Contest Day 1 Round 2

Hi Fashionistas,

As you already know from my last post, I participated in Mrs India (AL) contest. The Round 2 was the Talent round where each participant had to perform a talent of theirs for 3 minutes. And of course I danced!

Stage is where I belong. Pic Credit:

Dance for me is more than just a hobby. It is my love, my passion. Dance takes me to my happy place and I forget all the worldly worries for sometime. When I am on the stage performing, I am someone else – someone who is elated and content! I do not have a lot of pictures from Round 2 but as soon as I get the video of my performance I will share it with you all!

Whoa! I look intense! Pic Credit: Rachna Niranjan

Until then, keep it fashionably in vogue!


Dress :: Dancewear Solutions

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