Dance The Night Away :: Off Shoulder Top & Black Booties

Hi Fashionistas, Monochrome 1 When it comes to styling shoes in summertime, most women tend to gravitate towards sandals, flats and open toed heels. But there is absolutely no reason to give up those sexy, sassy & fabulous boots that you own. I am no doubt a “boots” girl…I love them and feel a lot sexier when I am wearing a pair of nice, shapely, tall heeled boots. So I refuse to give up on them even when its hot outside and you shouldn’t too because if you take care of certain things boots can actually be more comfortable, breathable and even more appropriate than sandals. Monochrome 9 The whole month of August, I am teaming up with Justfab to bring you amazing and appropriate looks for summer styled using boots. For today’s look, I am working with a monochrome outfit which I wore last night when we went to dance in a club. Even during summer, there is one place where boots make a whole lot of sense…and that is night clubs. In addition to being sexy, they provide a lot of protection from people who might step on you while dancing. So I prefer them over sandals for sure and even over heels so that I can dance to my heart’s content comfortably without the fear of tripping (in sky high heels).Monochrome 10 Monochrome 11 Monochrome 2 Monochrome 5 Monochrome 4 Monochrome 3 Monochrome 6 Monochrome 7 Also here are my favorite picks from their boot shop which by the way is open now. Let me know your favorites too in the comments below. Make sure to check them out if you have not already done that. Here is the link : Justfab collage JustfabI really hope you guys like the pictures. Until next time, till then Keep it Fashionably in Vogue,   :: Outfit Details :: Top, Skirt & Boots : Justfab

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