A Kaleidoscope of Nothingness : New Orleans

Hi Fashionistas,KON 6

New Orleans is one of my favorite places to visit in US. It was established by French colonists and thus is highly influenced by the European (particularly French) culture. From it’s distinct French and Spanish Creole architecture, to the cuisine, music (NOLA is the birthplace of Jazz) and and its annual celebration Mardi Gras…there are a lot of things that keep taking us back to the city.

KON 10Now I know that I will be walking a lot in NOLA so I always wear flat sandals and comfortable clothing (preferably a shift dress). For my look this time I wore this beautiful tie-dye shift dress with fringes (yay!) from Justfab and paired it with my favorite lace up sandals. I took  the monochrome look of the dress to my accessories as well.


KOn 7
DSC_0046-4Here are some of my favorite things to do in New Orleans:

  1. Take a walk (or maybe just sit down) by the Mississippi river.
  2. Eat beignets  at Cafe’ Du Monde.
  3. Shop for trinkets at the French Market.
  4. Admire the French Architecture.
  5. Take a bike tour of French Quarter
  6. Enjoy the nightlife on Bourbon street.
  7. Watch Mardi Gras parades
  8. Eat local cuisine and,
  9. Enjoy local music and artists on Decatur street.

Thanks a lot for reading. I really hope you liked the pictures. Until next time, till then Keep it Fashionably in Vogue!


— Outfit Details —

Dress & Shoes : Justfab

Bag : Kohls

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