Love Is In The Air :: Happy Valentines Day

Hi Fashionistas,


Happy Friday! I basically love everything about the month of February…the crispiness in the air, onset of spring, my birthday, my husband’s birthday, Valentines Day and not to mention we registered our marriage in Feb too (like I needed any more reasons to celebrate love in February). Valentines Day is right around the corner and I am sure most of you have already decided how you are spending it and have already picked out the perfect outfit. For date night, you can never go wrong with black & red. And that is my go to combo for a date night look.



Valentines Day is all about celebrating love. Love for people around you, love for everything beautiful and moreover, love for yourself. Some people might think that to be selfish, but I genuinely believe that if you cannot love yourself first, you can not have enough love in your heart to give to others. As a human, our first responsibility is towards ourselves and if we can’t be loving and kind towards ourselves, we will never find kindness towards others. So this Valentines Day love yourself, forgive yourself, be kind to yourself and let go. Have a great weekend and a beautiful Valentines Day.







I really hope you liked the pictures. Thank you so much for stopping by! Until next time, till then Keep It Fashionably In Vogue,

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