About Me

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my tiny space on this vast world of internet. My name is Aakanksha, Kash for short. I am a Chemical Engineer by trade, a Scientist by profession, a child at heart, a fashionista by nature, a traveler by choice, a dancer because of love and a blogger at night.

This blog is an expression of my style and fashion as I understand it. I want to use this as a platform to help you  achieve affordable style and know the latest trends and how to wear them in our day to day lives. I also want to show you how to expand your wardrobe by making the most out of it and how to shop for styles that are versatile and hence are must-haves.

When I am not working or blogging, you can find me laying on the beach, reading a book, watching Game of Thrones, shopping or sipping coffee at a local cafe.

Some random facts about me:

  • I have an undying love for bags and shoes.
  • I love Everything Coral. My other favorite color is eggplant.
  • I am a water sign and hence I am obsessed with beaches.
  • I will never say no to traveling to a new place. New experiences do not scare me, they excite me.
  • I trust people easily.
  • When I am having a bad day, I wear my brightest dress and go out shopping.

Thanks for stopping by,


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